Five Month Update


Every monthI say “I can’t believe Levi is X month’s old”. Time has flown so fast since having him in January. It makes me SO sad that next month he will already be 1/2 a year old, but at the same time he is doing something new everyday which makes life so happy and exciting. This month was amazing with Levi, and it’s only getting better and better!

I feel like all within a week’s time Levi was doing SO much! He started off rolling from his belly to his back, but then all of a sudden he was rolling from his back to his belly. At first he couldn’t get his elbow through, but after lots of practice he successfully did it and is now a pro at rolling! Every time we put him down on this back to play, he immediately rolls right over to his stomach and starts playing.



Levi’s also grabbing his toys a lot!! That happened all of a sudden too. We’ve always handed him toys or laid them out infront of him to play during tummy time, but one day he picked them up like it was nothing! It may be because he’s teething and he wants everything in his mouth now. lol

He is so interested in his toesies. It’s the cutest thing ever! He discovered them and now his feet are always up in the air and his hands are grabbing at them and holding onto his feet. I took a video of it the other week, and I just love it! He’s discovering so much every day, and I love experiencing it with him. Levi also loves touching Mommy’s and Daddy’s faces. He has this thing now where he puts his hands on our face. Sometimes to just touch, other times to grab our nose or lips. lol!

We got his activity saucer out for him to play in this month. It’s this saucer where he sits in it and has activities all around him to play with. He could barely touch the ground (I actually don’t think he really could at first), but now his tiny feet touch the ground and he gets so excited he starts jumping all over the place.

This month sleep was a roller coaster! We had his 4 month sleep regression where he was up A LOT! It didn’t last too long, but going through it you feel like it will never end. We also noticed Levi still acting hungry after he ate his 6 oz bottles which he has been drinking that amount at each feeding for a few months now. So we upped his ounces to 7 oz and that night he slept through the night for the first time! Granted it only lasted 1 night, but the whole week he did really good. He slept until 2:30am a couple of nights and then about 4am one night. The trouble we are having now is he doesn’t nap when he’s home. He will nap at daycare and at Grandma’s, but not at our house. lol This is creating him to be over tired and cranky and he was up a few times during the night, but with babies developing so much there’s lot of good and bad nights we go through. We have stuck with our nightly routine which consists of bath time (a few nights a week), pjs, bottle, reading and bed. Before Levi acted real fussy while reading to him and wouldn’t sit still, now he’s very interested in the pages of the book and when I’m reading to him will look up at me throughout the story. It’s SO cute!! When we say goodnight to him and put him in his crib, he has stopped fussing and will put himself to bed! Only a few times has he fussed a little and that’s because he was teething or he was overtired. There’s been some big improvements though!!

Levi has been losing his hair like crazy! There’s big clumps of hair in his crib and on his boppy lounger. The only section of hair he has left is the very top of his head. I’m wondering if his hair color will change, but I think it may stay brown. His eye color has changed since birth. Now they look brown on the inside and blue on the outside. lol

We headed down to Saratoga Dermatologist so they could check out his birth mark and eczema. It honestly was a wasted trip for us because they didn’t tell us anything we already didn’t know. Levi’s birthmark is a normal “strawberry birthmark” as they call it. She’s seen hundreds since she’s been in her practice for over 25 years. She said 50% go away by the time they are 5 years old and 50% go away by the time they are 9 years old. It’s just a waiting game right now, so we’ll see what happens! Lance and I both knew we didn’t Levi getting any creams, medications, shots, laser or anything else since the birthmark will go away on it’s own.

We celebrated Father’s Day this month and it was a lot of fun! On actual Father’s Day it was a very low key day since we attended a wedding the day before, but the following weekend we went to Lake George to go camping. We took Lance’s parents RV and had a great time! Levi can’t do much right now since he’s still so little and really can’t be out in the sun too much, but we all made the most of it! Lance’s parents came down on Saturday and spent the day, and we had dinner. It was a fun place, with lots to do, and I know when we go next year, it will be a world of difference with Levi being older and we can bring him to the playground, pool, beach, etc.

The weather is getting nicer (finally the rain stopped), and we’ve been enjoying hanging out on the deck. We’ll bring Levi’s seat and have him sit out there with us and bring a few toys so he can play with.

It was a great month, and I’m so excited to see what the next few months will bring. I can’t wait for him to say Dada and Mama, to see him start crawling and for more of his personality to start coming out.

Favorite Photos of Levi During His Fifth Month

























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