Christmas Eve Box

This year I'm starting a new tradition for my family, a Christmas Eve Box. Its purpose is to include activities we can do together as a family to enjoy during the day. One item I'm including in the box is this puzzle. My family loves puzzles, and I think it's a fun indoor activity. My [...]


Our Daily Schedule Plus The Toys and Activities Levi Loves At 14 Months

Being a stay at home mom since quarantine has been interesting. Getting into a different daily routine took a couple of days to get used to. Lance and I have our schedules down pat now and it's actually working out really well. Although the circumstances of why we are home is unfortunate, it has brought [...]

Ten Month Update

There was so much celebrating this month with it being Levi's first Halloween and Thanksgiving, celebrating Lance's birthday and hitting some milestones! Levi celebrated his 1st Halloween, and although a lot of people get their babies a Halloween costume, I decided to get him Halloween pjs. For me I didn't see the since in getting [...]