Four Month Update

Levi just turned 4 months on Memorial Day (May 27). Time needs to slow down! I was looking at pictures from when he was born the other day, and I feel like it was so long ago. We had his 4 month check up on Friday and he’s now 14 lbs 2 oz and 24.5″ long. He’s filling out more and is above average for height.


This month we’ve definitely had our highs and lows. We transitioned Levi solely to formula a few weeks ago, and that didn’t go well at first. The formula was really hard on his stomach, so we changed to the sensitive kind which seems to be helping. I held on for as long as possible to continue to breast feed, but when I was only pumping enough for maybe 1 bottle a day, I knew we had to switch completely. It was a really hard decision and one I didn’t take lightly. My goal was to go for 6 months, but I have to remember the good and that I was able to breastfeed a lot longer than I ever imagined.

We bought Levi a chair that helps him sit assisted, it’s called Sit Me Up Floor Seat. It’s so cute. It’s a lion and has a tray infront of him with toys and eventually we can put snacks on the tray for him too. He cracks me up because we’ll put him in it and he had his hands way down in the leg holes. I don’t think he really knew what to do at first. He now plays with the toys on it somewhat, but his 1 little hand will still be down in the leg hole while the other hand try and grabs for the toys. We sit his monkey stuffed animal on the tray and Lance turns to me and goes look. Levi’s just staring at the monkey for about 5 minutes. haha We put him in this in the evening when we are cooking dinner. He seems to like it, but hopefully he’ll get into playing with it a bit more soon.



He has been trying to roll over. Sometimes he can do it, other times he lifts his tiny little leg up in the air and grunts. Then will get frustrated and put his head down on the floor. He can ‘talk’ non-stop at times, and when he gets excited he pulls his hands up to his face and smiles and laughs. The cutest thing is when he sneezes and the little sigh he makes afterwards with his little voice. I just love it!

We’ve moved out of 0-3 month clothes and are into 3-6 month now. I’ve been packing up everything that doesn’t fit, and I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing!



This month we celebrated my first Mother’s day. Of course the weather was awful, but we made the most of it by going to High Falls Gorge, and then we went to Claire and Carl’s for michigan’s. I was craving them since I couldn’t eat hot dog’s all last summer while I was pregnant. We also brought Levi to the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge where we saw wolves, a porcupine, owls, hawks, a fisher and other animals. It was a pretty neat place, which I definitely want to bring him back when he’s a little older. My friend Carolyn and I brought him to Green Grass Getdown where they let their dairy cows out into the field. It’s a community celebration where there’s music, food, vendors, and the best cheese to buy and take home. We had the best time. Levi got a little red, but I learned at our 4 month check up he has Eczema and his cheeks and body were red and it’s basically lack of moisture in his body. He wasn’t sunburned which I was nervous about.

Although we had to wake Levi up at night for the first month every 4 hours to fed, eventually he started waking up on his own for feedings. Since then Levi was getting up every 3 hours to fed, then it stretched to 4 hours and now he can go 5 hour stretches.  Lance and I are still waiting for the day where Levi sleeps through the night, and we get a ‘good’ night’s rest but it hasn’t happened yet. By 4 months we are so used to getting up now in the middle of the night, it really doesn’t phase us. Also, I have to remember, and the doctor reminded me during his check up, that Levi is only developmentally 3 months old even though physically he is 4 months. Our pediatrician said physically babies can sleep through the night between 4-6 months, but for us it will be 5-7 months. I have to remember his development includes his sleeping too. We will begin solids around 5 months or a little after, and we are hoping then he will begin sleeping longer stretches. Fingers crossed!

Well, I think we’ve finally figured out the trick to calm Levi down during bath time. Randomly, I wasn’t home one night (I think I had a physical therapy appointment for my thumb/wrist) and it was Levi’s bath night. Lance gave him a bath and he said Levi didn’t scream at all. Since then Lance has been giving Levi bath’s only, and I’ll get his pj’s and towel ready. It’s worked out a lot better! Hopefully he’ll grow into liking bath time, but for now he just stands it with a big pout on his face. I need to get a picture one of these times!

Favorite Photos of Levi During His Fourth Month





















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