Three Month Update


This month was a tough one for Lance, Levi and me. I had tendon transfer surgery on April 3 (also my dad’s birthday). When I was 8 months pregnant, after a long day of work, doctor’s visit and our first baby class, Lance and I got home about 9:30 p.m. I was heading to bed and went out into the kitchen to get a glass of water.  I pulled the glass out from the back of the cabinet and it came tumbling out. When I went to catch it, it hit the bottom of the cabinet and broke, and a piece of glass came down and sliced the side of my wrist. Lance and I headed to the ER, and I got my first ever 3 stitches. I knew when I was at the ER I couldn’t move my thumb. I thought my hand was bruised, I thought maybe the stitches were creating me not to be able to move my thumb, and I even spoke to the ER PA and my doctor a few days later. They both told me everything was fine. I finally got referred to a hand specialist the end of March which the doctor ended up telling me I needed surgery. Since it had been so long (roughly 3 months), they would need to transfer a tendon to my thumb from my wrist. I’ve been in the splint for 6 weeks now, and the first 2-3 weeks were awful. My arm was so sore I could hardly pick up Levi. Lance had to do literally everything from changing his diapers, his clothes, feeding him, doing the dishes, cooking, cleaning , and more. It was rough for a couple of weeks but we all got through it. I was telling everyone I would rather have had my c-section another 10 times than to have hand surgery. I couldn’t do anything! I felt like I had just gotten over a major surgery and was getting back on my feet and excited to start getting out just in time for getting another surgery. A third of the year was already over with, and I just wasn’t seeing anything positive about my situation at the time.


Aside from the surgery, everything was going pretty smoothly. I headed back to work, Levi was liking daycare, and the upstairs is literally a day or two from being finished! There were a few nice days and Lance, Levi and I finally started our family days on Sundays which has been just walks in the neighborhood. After being cooped up in the house for about 2 months, it felt amazing to finally get fresh air.


My friend Carolyn and I hosted a Spring Seed Exchange where we invited our friends to the Keene Fire House to plant seeds for our summer gardens. You can see my post on how to host a seed swap here. This was really the first time Lance and I brought Levi out and about. Lance got caught up on some things at the Fire Department and hung out with Levi while I planted seeds and caught up with friends in the next room.

This month Levi started smiling and laughing which just melts my heart! It’s the sweestest thing I’ve ever seen. So naturally Lance and I try everything we can to get him to smile and laugh 24/7. We love seeing his smile! Although Levi was smiling and laughing more, Lance and I felt his evening fussiness was getting worse. We were so confused! How could this be? Wasn’t the ‘witching hour’ time frame over with?? Levi was 3 months – it was supposed to stop. The only thing we could think of was technically Levi was 3 month but really his corrected age is 2 months. So it was his peak fussiness time frame (8 weeks). I told Lance I thought it was worse now than the first 2 months. However this time has passed and we are (fingers crossed) moving towards a calmer nighttime routine! (Let’s just hope bath time gets to that place too lol!)


Levi also has been waking up every 3 hours (still!). I was thinking I was doing everything wrong – I kept hearing that so and so’s baby slept through the night at 5 weeks or 7 weeks, etc. I’ve realized Lance and I are doing everything right for us and that every baby is different. There’s no way in telling when a baby will sleep through the night, they will in time.

I have notice Levi’s head strength was really strong this month as his head wasn’t bobbing around hardly. During tummy time he really gets up on his stomach and lifts his head way up! Lance and I started putting him in a sitting position in the boppy because we realized he likes looking out at that angle instead of being on his back and looking up.

Another thing I noticed is his hair is staying down now! Ughhh I loved his spikey do. We now brush his hair (full head of dark hair!) off to the side since he has a side part.

Easter was this month (April 21) so we celebrated with Levi. We all went to the Fire Dept. on April 14th for Easter brunch. Levi slept through the whole thing but it was nice to bring him since no one had really met him yet. On Easter we went to his parents for dinner which was nice. We put Levi down to play with his toys while we all ate, and I looked over at him and he was grabbing his toy for the firs time! It was awesome to see that because he usually just lays there and kicks and legs and waves his arms.

We didn’t have a 3 month check up with the pediatrician. It went right from 2 months to 4 months, so we’ll have one soon. I’m not sure how much Levi weighs or what his height is, but I know he’s definitely growing. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us. Every day there seems to be new thing he’s doing or a facial expression he’s making.

Favorite Photos of Levi From His Third Month















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