My Second Trimester

My Second Trimester

The bump finally arrived in my second trimester! I started needing maternity pants and luckily I’m still able to fit into some of my shirts. The pic above was taken on Thanksgiving day towards the end of my 2nd trimester at 26 weeks. Although this year has been crazy – planning a wedding and a baby all in the same year, I’m so thankful Lance and I will be starting a family in just 3 months!

So far this pregnancy has flown by and knock on wood everything has gone pretty smoothly. I’m 29 weeks pregnant now, and a few weeks ago when Lance and I were at the doctor she’s like Okay starting at your next appointment you’ll be coming every 2 weeks. I’m like OMG ….and the doctor and Lance both turned and stared at me. I’m like I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by so far! It makes me so excited but also a little nervous that February is right around the corner. I was telling Lance the other day I wish time would slow down a little. We still have so much to do I know how fast that will make the last couple of months go by. Lance and I have only been together 2.5 years and a part of me wants to soak these last couple of months in, just the 2 of us.

My Second Trimester 20 week sonogram


I Felt: My energy came back in my 2nd trimester and overall I felt pretty good besides the occasional back pain. I went to Zumba classes twice a week from late October til the week of Thanksgiving. I really wanted to stay active and Zumba helped a lot. Plus I love going to Zumba classes – it feels like a dance party.

What I Was Craving: I really wanted cereal a few times as my after dinner snack at night. lol! I know, boring! Although, I did get my desire to cook again and started cooking up a storm wanting allll things comfort food!

What I Was Reading: Babywise. This book is everything! A friend recommended it, and it’s so helpful preparing me for the baby’s sleep, feeding and wake time schedule. I love my Baby Center app too. I read the articles and updates everyday.

What I Was Most Excited About: The 20 week sonogram, although Lance and I chose (well I chose and he just went along with) not finding out the gender of our baby. I hadn’t had a sonogram since I was 9.5 weeks, so I was anxious to see the baby again! They did measurements of the baby, and the expected date of delivery is still February 28. The doctor’s like you can’t get anymore exact than that! The doctor printed off a lot of sonogram photos for us that I love having!

A Few Other Exciting Things: We announced the big news on Facebook around 18 weeks. We were going to keep it low key, but we couldn’t help it. We were too excited not to share! At 19 weeks I felt my first flutters. To me they felt like if you were underwater and someone was swimming by you and just barely touched you. It’s honestly the best feeling the baby move around in my belly. Then at 21 weeks I felt the first kicks. Lance felt them a while after, and we were both really excited about it!

What I Was Thinking About: Baby names!! This has got to be one of the hardest decisions ever. The hard thing is Lance and I love all the same names so we have a very long list of boy and girl names. We spent one night while driving to and from our doctors appointment (a two hour round trip drive) going through an app on my phone of potential baby names. Now we really need to narrow it down and think of some middle names! I’m hoping we have a couple of names set in stone by the time the baby comes because right now it’s so hard for us to choose!

Third Trimester To-Do List:

  • Finish the upstairs – It’s coming along. We are just about ready to prime the nursery and master bedroom.
  • Pick out paint colors for the nursery and master bedroom
  • Decorate and organize the nursery
  • Make freezer meals
  • Finalize daycare
  • Attend birth & beginnings classes at the hospital
  • Get hospital bag ready
  • Set up all the baby things – car seat, crib, stroller, etc.

2 thoughts on “My Second Trimester

  1. Beyond excited for you and Lance. Love the baby bump and seeing the sonogram!! Can’t wait to share with your grams. It’s going by so fast! Glad things are coming along with your upstairs. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, so I had trouble getting cards out for Christmas. Can only finger peck on the keyboard right now. Anyway, Uncle Randy, Christy, Thomas and I want toe wish you both a Very Merry Christmas and the Happiness of New Year’s with your baby. Love, Aunt Debbie


    1. Thank you, Aunt Debbie! I’m glad you are keeping gram up to date on the pregnancy update posts. This pregnancy is flying by, so I’m glad to document as much as I can, and I love sharing it with everyone since we are all so far away! I hope all is going well with recovering from carpal tunnel surgery. Wishing you a great holiday season! Love you!!


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