Mixed Greens Wreath

How To Create A Simple Natural Mixed Greens Wreath

Mixed Greens Wreath with Various Fresh Stems and a Pinecone inserted into the Wreath

Creating this wreath was so much fun! I’ve been really into natural decor lately, and I knew this would be perfect hung up in my living room. I love how all of the stems incorporated in the wreath are different shades of green, and the pine cone gives it a nice holiday touch. This was my first time creating a wreath, and it could not have been easier! All you need are a few materials and a couple of steps to follow, and you’ll be on your way.


  • 12″ Wreath Frame (This is entirely your preference on what size you would like your wreath)
  • Floral Wire
  • Scissors (Regular kitchen scissors are fine to use)
  • Mixed greens bunch. I used Eucalyptus, Lemon Leaf, Ruskus and Variegated Pittosporum. (You can buy mixed greens at your local grocery store or florist. If you are buying at the grocery store, I would buy 2 bunches of mixed greens. I went to my local florist, Floral Designs by Tracey, and she was so helpful in knowing how much I needed to create my wreath.)

Materials needed to make a mixed greens wreath including a wreath frame, floral wire, scissors and fresh stems

Start of a fresh mixed greens wreath. Fresh stems are surrounding the outside of the wreath frame. Scissors and floral wire are in the picture.

Step 1: Gather all of the above materials and set on a work surface (I used my kitchen table.) Then I laid out all of my mixed greens on the table, so I could see the various leaf styles and colors. Using the thinnest stems first gently bend one of the stems around the outer layer of the wreath wire. (For some stems, I needed to cut off the thick part on the end.) Then cut a small piece of floral wire at a time, about 6-8″ and wrap around the stem. When wrapping the floral wire around the stem, I double looped the wire at the end of the stem, and then continued working my way up wrapping the wire around the stem. I like to hold the beginning part of the stem and wire in one hand, while wrapping the wire in the other hand.

Step 2. Continue adding stems to each layer of the wreath frame. Do not worry about the wire showing, as the frame will become full and you won’t be able to see it. You do not have to use the same stems around each layer. The fun part is mixing it up!

Step 3: Once all layers are complete, start filling in the gaps will fuller stems, like the Lemon Leaf and Variegated Pittosporum. These stems will make the wreath look really full. I cut the stems into shorter pieces to fill in the gaps. You will attach these stems on the back of the frame with the floral wire. I added a few white flower stems in various sections as well.

Step 4: Once your wreath is full, add your decor or leave as is. Either way is really pretty. Decor could include a pine cone, red berry stems, a flower, ribbon. Options are endless and depending on the season you can change it up.
This would be such a fun craft to get together with your family or friends and make. It’s a simple and affordable project I think everyone will enjoy!
  • Since this is a fresh mixed greens wreath, the stems will dry out.
  • A suggestion to help the mixed greens last is to mist the back of the wreath frame with water directly on the stems. Let dry, and re-hang.
  • You could add balsam stems in your wreath as an option. That would smell great and look really festive!
  • Wreath can be hung indoors or outdoors. 

Mixed Greens Wreath with fresh stems of lemon leaf, eucalyptus

Fresh Mixed Greens Wreath hanging from an old window

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