Halloween Baskets For Kids

Cute and fun Halloween Baskets for my preschooler and baby with practical and useful items for everyday use!

Halloween is right around the corner, and one of our traditions is giving our kids Halloween baskets. What I like about these is we include non-candy items (because they get enough of that on Halloween night.) I’m more of a practical gift giver, so you’ll see items in these baskets that are useful for my kids.

Halloween baskets are extra special, and in no way thought of as something you must do to celebrate. We do a lot of other things to celebrate the holiday that doesn’t cost money or costs very little. A special Halloween movie night at home, baking festive treats, making crafts, and getting themed books from our local library. Although these baskets are extra special I try to purchase items that we currently need, but I just buy Halloween themed. We find when buying these types of items, we can pull them out each year to play, read, or decorate with. Below I’m explaining what’s in each of my kid’s Halloween baskets.

Levi’s Halloween Basket

(3.5 Years Old)

Halloween Basket for Preschoolers

Charlee’s Halloween Basket

(10 Months Old)

Halloween Basket for Babies
Halloween Baskets for Babies

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