Apple Tree Scavenger Hunt

An apple themed scavenger hunt matching game that requires only 3 materials and a whole lot of fun!

Coming up with quick and easy (basically last minute) activities for my son is my trend lately. Levi has soccer practice 2 days a week, and I can already tell our schedule is only going to get busier the older he gets. From the time we get home from daycare or soccer practice, I have a short window to get dinner on the table. My son always asks for TV the minute we get home, and I usually cave, but a few nights a week I’m aiming to prep a quick and easy activity for him. This will help get him through the night without screen time and me to get dinner ready on time.

One activity we did lately was a scavenger hunt. He LOVES these types of activities! He burns off some energy while having fun. Levi is learning the alphabet, so I’m creating fun ways for him to learn and recognize what each letter is.

A preschooler playing a scavenger hunt matching game

This apple themed scavenger hunt matching game requires only 3 materials and a whole lot of fun! It’s as easy as drawing a tree on a piece of paper. Then writing a handful of letters scattered throughout the tree as shown above. Write the same letters on a sticky note (1 letter per sticky note). Use red or green sticky notes since these represent your apples. Next, hide the sticky notes throughout the room or house (whichever you decide!), and have your kiddo search the room to find them! After they find a sticky note (or they may go look for more sticky notes), they will eventually come back to the apple tree and start matching up each letter on the sticky note to the letter on the apple tree.

This is a great opportunity to say the letter’s sound and what word starts with each letter. I’m providing you with some tips below on a few other ways to play this game!


Parent Prep

  • Draw a tree (I completely winged it!) and write a handful of various letters of the alphabet where the leaves would go.
  • Place sticky notes (you can use red, green, or both as these are your apples) and write the same letters you wrote on the tree.
  • Next, hide sticky notes throughout the room or house (wherever you decide) and have your little one find them.

Activity Details

  • Have kiddos find the sticky notes and match the post-it note to the same letter on the tree.

*TIP – For older kids this would be a great activity to learn how to spell their name or to put a math equation on the post-it note, and place the correct answer over the number on the tree. Another option is to do capital and lowercase letters and match those up together.


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