Fall Traditions For Families

Traditions are a fun way to get your little ones excited about a new season. I always incorporate a fun activity, craft, yummy treat, and a few new books into our fall traditions every year.

Traditions are something I grew up with and looked forward to every year. When I became a mom, I knew I wanted to start my own family traditions that would excite my kids and create lasting memories for them. I always incorporate a fun activity, craft, yummy treat, family photos, and a few new books into the fall season every year.

Apple Picking

Apple Picking is one of my family’s favorite fall traditions. I never went apple picking until a few years ago when we started bringing my son (and now daughter). We go to our local orchard and spend the day feeding the animals, eating apple cider donuts (which we wait all year for), and picking apples! A tip that I’m going to start when my kids are a little older is to bring a board game (we love Jenga) to the orchard and play while we eat our favorite donuts.

Boo Baskets

Another fun tradition is we create Boo Baskets for our neighbors. They involve yummy homemade treats and goodies! Last year we made mummy rice crispy treats, decorated cupcakes, and made pumpkin goodie bags which had candy inside.

Family Photos

Taking family photos is something we’ve done every year, and I hope to continue this tradition. Our family photos usually become our Christmas cards. This year is our first year doing photos as a family of 4! I know we will enjoy looking at our yearly family photos forever! I create photo albums for my kids every year, and I make sure to include our annual family photos in them.

Seasonal Books

We are big readers in my family, and every year I buy a handful of new books to celebrate the beginning of a new season. Our favorite fall and Halloween books include:

Nature Walk

Getting outdoors is a huge priority for my family. We take walks just about every day. One of our fall traditions is to go on a hike to see the fall foliage. It’s beautiful this time of year, so we love seeing all the colors on the trees. When we go on a hike, I have Levi create his own trail mix which he loves! Last year his trail mix consisted of goldfish, pretzels shaped like pumpkins and bats, caramel popcorn, raisins, and m&m’s. We also did a scavenger hunt on our hike too. It was so much fun! Levi got really into the scavenger hunt which made the hike a breeze. Plus the trail mix (especially the m&m’s) was a yummy snack along the way to get him up to the top!

What are your family’s favorite fall traditions? If you’re looking to start some with your family subscribe below, and I’ll send you a list of 20 more fall tradition ideas to do with your little ones! *In the message below write “Fall Scavenger Hunt”.

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