Our Daily Schedule Plus The Toys and Activities Levi Loves At 14 Months

Being a stay at home mom since quarantine has been interesting. Getting into a different daily routine took a couple of days to get used to. Lance and I have our schedules down pat now and it’s actually working out really well. Although the circumstances of why we are home is unfortunate, it has brought our family closer together more than ever. I’ve been savoring this time since our lives are usually not like this. Lance and I both work full time, so we usually have only about 2 hours after we got home from work to spend with Levi plus on the weekends. However, Lance works even on the weekends as well, so having him home a lot is so special to us. Although this way of life has been different, I’ve been enjoying my family time immensely. I know something like this will never happen again, and I want to look at all the positives out of this situation. I’m sharing below our schedule, along with the toys and activities Levi’s been into at 14 months.

Our Schedules:

Lance and I worked our schedules out within a few days of being quaranteed. Lance is essential personnel but he only has to go into work every other day. I’ve been completely working from home now for 3 weeks, and Levi has been out of daycare for the same amount of time. I haven’t left home except to go to the grocery store twice or go on our daily walks with Levi.

When Lance is home for the day, he usually wakes up between 5am-6am (even before Levi wakes up). When Levi gets up usually around 6:30am, Lance goes in to get him and gets Levi ready for the day and his breakfast made. I usually stay in bed for a half an hour and start work remotely at 7am. I work for about 2 hours in the morning, then take a quick shower. Lance will then head outside to do some things he needs to do – chop wood, clean the equipment, care take, etc. Levi and I will play until his morning nap around 9:30am. He sleeps for an hour-ish and shortly after he wakes up I’ll prepare lunch. We eat lunch around 11:30am, then I pick up and we are out the door for a long walk. It’s the highlight of our day. Lance will join us and we walk one of the loops in town. It takes about an hour. We get home just in time for Levi’s second nap around 1:30/2pm and he sleeps for about 1.5 hours. I hop back on my computer to work for another couple of hours. Lance usually relaxes or cleans up the house. Once Levi wakes up we give him a snack and let him play while we prep dinner. He’s been really into watching us prep dinner, so he’s usually propped up on a chair at the island with us. Our night ends by having dinner around 5:30pm, bath for Levi (3 times a week), and then we put him to bed at 7pm.

When Lance is at work for the day (he works 6am-2:30pm) I get Levi once he wakes up and get him ready for the day. The funny thing is Levi always sleeps in on the days Lance is home. Levi will get up closer to 7am, but when it’s just me home he will get up closer to 6am. Lol Our day is exactly the same as above except I work on the computer when Levi’s napping for the day, and I’ll only work the length of his naps. If it’s raining or too cold to go on a walk I’ll turn on a movie or a show (Secret Life of Pets 2 or Llama Llama) for us to watch instead of going for a walk. When Lance gets home from work at 2:30pm, I will usually be working if Levi is napping, but if not Lance will try to put him down. I’ll get on my computer to work until almost dinner time. If I have time during the day I’ll prep dinner as much as I can so Lance just needs to finish it up.

On the weekends Lance and I try to give each other some quality time to ourselves. Since we’ve been quarantined it’s hard to find me-time. If I’m not taking care of Levi, I’m working. So I really enjoy getting an hour here or there to read a book, bake, or take a long hot shower and just relax.

Since Levi is 14 months I’ve been researching age appropriate activities and toys to help with this transition. About 2 months ago he started at a new daycare and was thriving. He was so social, engaged, and learning a lot. I want to try and keep up with that as much as possible. Although this is our new normal, I’ve been loving spending all this time with him so much!

Activities and Toys Levi’s Into At 14 Months


Cement Mixer Shape Sorter


VTECH Go Go Smart Wheels


Melissa and Doug Stacking Train



Fishing Game (similar)






VTEC Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker


Ball Pit


Construction Vehicle You Truck Set



Hape Pound and Tap Bench


Race Car Track



Wooden Animal Puzzles



Alphabet Puzzle



Zoo Animals Sound Puzzle





Going on walks


Sensory Bins (The one below is Easter themed.)



Straw Drop



Coloring (Crayons specifically to color on windows. If your local I got them at The Birch Store in Keene Valley.)



Coloring (The coloring book we use)



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