Levi’s Nursery

When I was pregnant with Levi Lance started finishing the upstairs of our house. Our house is a modular, so it came unfinished, but after about 4-5 years of Lance living here (2+ years for me) we were ready to work on the upstairs.

Although finishing the upstairs was done during my pregnancy and while Levi was a newborn it worked out better than I had thought. Since we have 2 bedrooms on the main floor, that’s where we stayed until Levi was around 7 months old. It was easier for us to be on the same floor as the kitchen and living room since there were many months we were feeding him multiple times during the night. Once he started sleeping through the night we transitioned upstairs.

The upstairs consists of a master bedroom, nursery and a small bathroom. The nursery is pretty small, but it’s the perfect size for Levi right now. We’ll transition him to another bedroom downstairs, but not until he’s much older.

The transition upstairs worked out great. It was fun to pick out paint colors, flooring, and we put up shiplap (in the master bedroom). I’m someone who can’t decide on anything, so it was a little challenging, but I love how it came out! I wanted a neutral room for Levi. Something he can grow into, and I won’t need to re-do in a few years. His playroom will be more kid oriented with lots of color, toys and his artwork hung up. As for the nursery all thats left to get is a light fixture, blind/curtain, and a few decorative pieces for the room/walls.


I bought this rug for the guest bedroom, but it was too small for the space. It works out perfectly for the nursery, so I’m glad we kept it!


Lance and his friend built this beautiful dresser. It’s my absolute favorite piece is Levi’s nursery. The quality is unlike anything you would get in a store. We are very lucky to know some talented people. Levi will have this dresser for the rest of his life. So thankful for our wonderful friend!


We actually read to Levi in our bed at night, but this rocker has come in handy many nights!

The shelves are from Ikea. I love how the books face towards you. It gives this neutral room a bit of color.




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