Eleven Month Update

Levi’s turning into a toddler right before my eyes. In the last month he’s growing, developing and changing more and more into such a little person and leaving that baby stage behind. I keep thinking how much this year has flown by. Half wanting to re-live it all over again and half wanting to see who he will become. People told me it gets easier as they get older (which it has), but it also gets harder in different ways (which it has).


Levi is very mobile now. I randomly got out his toy train he hadn’t seen in a while and set it down a little ways infront of him. He just randomly started army crawling to it ( 14).This happened on December14.) I ran and grabbed my phone and then took the train and set it further away from Levi to see if he would do it again. He did! I got it on video since Lance wasn’t home. I instantly bear hugged Levi and told him how proud I was of him. I wasn’t sure if the crawling was a one time thing (because we all thought he would go straight to walking after 10.5 months of just sitting on the floor), but sure enough he’s been determined and is not only crawling everywhere but is pulling up to stand, letting go and trying to balance for a few seconds, and he thinks he can walk independently lol. So our hard moments right now are trying to avoid him bumping his head, baby proofing since he’s into everything, and holding him up because he thinks he can walk anywhere so we hold him up so he can walk and lean against our hand to get to places (like the couch or coffee table lol). All Levi wants to do is stand so it’s challenging because he can’t stand on his own yet so we are constantly holding him up so he can stand. Lol


He is waving and understands when someone says hi or bye he waved to them. He’s done this is earlier months, but it’s pretty common now. I drop him off at daycare and he waved bye to me. we Healao FaceTime with Nana (my mom) and he waved to her. He was waving with his palm in, but he’s got his hand in the right direction now. Haha

He started clapping. I sing patty cake and he loves it. He starts clapping along. Lance plays peek a boo with Levi a lot. One day Levi wakes up from his nap and I set him on the couch with his bottle and cover him up with a blanket. After his bottle he starts lifting the blanket over his head. I start saying peek a boo to him and he keeps lifing the blanket and pulling it down and laughing. It was so cute!

He said momma on December 4th, but hasn’t really been that vocal. He will mimick words sometimes though. He definitely understands the word no. Everytime we say it to him he shakes his head no. Lol it’s so funny.

Levi’s been trying to stand up on his own too. He will get into a downward dog position and he can’t lift his upper half up yet. Then one day while he was in a downward dog position he started walking like that. It was hysterical.

We celebrated Levi’s first Christmas. It was so nice! We went to Lance’s parents on Christmas Eve and had dinner and Levi opened up some gifts. Then on Christmas day Lance, Levi and I had breakfast and we did gifts. Levi didn’t understand how to open gifts so we had to unwrap them for him. He would just shake the wrapped box when we gave it to him. Haha he loves all of his toys. He definitely needed some since he had pretty much the same toys since he was born. He’s into playing with his toys a little bit, but he would rather stand and chew on things right now. I’m hoping in the next few months he will really get into playing. After his afternoon nap, Lance and I prepped the lasagna and Lances parents came over for dinner.

His top 2 teeth are coming in. That was a nightmare. Teething is no fun for anyone. After a bunch of nights of him waking up screaming for hours even with Motrin, orajel, bottles, cuddles, drives both teeth finally broke through the gum. He only has the 4 teeth so far and it’s taking forever for him to get those. I’m really hoping the others will come a bit faster (and hopefully less painful.)

Lance and I got out a bit this month. The first time was for the Fire Department Annual Holiday dinner. I had a lot of anxiety and had to come back home. Lance came with me. Levi was teething and I felt I couldn’t have fun knowing he was at home in pain. We tried going out the next week and that was a success. We went to our local coffee shop for dinner. They were celebrating their 1st anniversary and threw a spaghetti dinner for the community. It was so much fun! We know we have to get out a bit more often than we do.

Favorite Photos Of Levi’s 11th Month















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