Nine Month Update


Little man is 9 months old! I read that at this stage he’s now more a toddler than a baby. I can’t even think he’ll be 1 in less than 3 months. Okay, I’m crying now. But really I can’t handle it!




lot went on this month! Levi had his first ER trip. It wasn’t for any crazy reason other than we thought he may have an ear infection. He was pretty fussy, throwing up, and tugging a bit at his ears. We thought better to be safe than sorry. Fortunately everything checked out great! They said he may have had a touch of a stomach virus that was going around. He seemed fine shortly after the visit, but I was glad we went because it’s hard knowing exactly what’s wrong since he can’t talk yet.

We finally moved upstairs. The nursery was all set and our bedroom was too. We still need to finish our master closet and the bathroom, but we are upstairs! It took a long time, and then we waited for Levi to begin sleeping through the night which didn’t happen til he was 7 months old. It’s been an adjustment especially since everything was right at our fingertips downstairs, but I like it! It’s nice to have a separate space and not all be on top of each other and hear each other getting ready in the morning. Plus Levi didn’t have a room. We just put the crib in the guest room, and I really wanted him to have his own room now that he was getting older. So far, so good though!

Lance, Levi and I went to an open house at a waldorf inspired school near us that we hope to put Levi in around when he turns 1. The school is heavily based on outdoor play and creativity which I love. It’s a farm and forest based school which the kids learn by playing, and some activities they partake in include gardening, outdoor play, visiting the animals, walks around the property, etc. We loved it and can’t wait to learn more.

Levi had a couple of developments this month. It’s always great to see how far he’s come month to month. Soon we’ll be seeing him cruising around the house. I can’t even picture it now! He is barely taller than the coffee table. lol! He is getting his pincer grasp down and picking up finger foods really well. We started him on a sippy cup with a spout and now we got him the munchkin 360 trainer cup because it’s a no spill type cup. He’s been getting the hang of it, but a lot comes out of the cup and spills down his mouth. I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it really soon! We are going to begin putting formula in his sippy cup within the next month I think. Fingers crossed it goes well!

Levi has only really said dada, but screamed mama in the bathtub on October 8 randomly and hasn’t said it since. Haha! Lance and I also heard him babble “baba” a few times. He talks quite a bit and gets really into it. His expressions are priceless!

I brought Levi to the park on October 10 and he waved to someone at the park. The lady was so happy and waved back to Levi. lol Since then he’s waved to people behind us in Starbucks and also a few other times when we’ve been out and about. It’s so cute!

We had Levi’s 9 month appointment, and he weighs 21.5 lbs and is 27 3/4″ tall. Only the 25th percentile in height, and I can’t remember what he is for weight. We talked to the pediatrician about a lot of stuff from switching from formula to whole milk, begin brushing Levi’s teeth, his waking up in the middle of the night that we just can’t seem to grasp why. It was a good visit overall with a lot of questions answered.

Levi’s naps have completely turned 180. I couldn’t get Levi to nap for the life of me at home. He would nap everywhere else, but home. It got to the point where I would always dread nap time and out the stroller came and we would be on yet another walk to get him to sleep. For the past few weeks he’s been a completely different napper. His naps used to be pretty short, but now they range from at least an hour if not 2 hours for both naps. I don’t know what happened, but I’m SO happy this is the case because winter is on it’s way, and I wasn’t sure what we were going to do since walks in the stroller wasn’t going to be an option. I can’t wait til we are down to 1 nap, but until then things are going very smoothly right now.

Lance, Levi and I went to our local coffee shop and grabbed some donuts and coffee. We ran into some friends and sat down to talk for a bit. It was so funny because Levi grabbed a piece of the donut (a cinnamon sugar donut) and ate it! Haha! His first ever sweet treat!

We also celebrated our friend’s foster daughter’s 1st birthday. It was so much fun! The theme was camping, and they had this cool backdrop you could take photos infront of, s’mores cupcakes, and games for the kids. I thought I wouldn’t do anything really for Levi’s 1st birthday because he wouldn’t remember it, but it’s such a big milestone, and going to that birthday really put me in the planning mood to celebrate Levi’s 1st birthday coming up.

Favorite Photos From Levi’s Ninth Month
































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