Eight Month Update


It’s already the end of September, and I literally feel like I’m blinking, and I’m right back to the blog writing Levi’s monthly update again. We’ve been so incredibly busy on top of an already busy life with an eight month old. I’m sure both reasons combined are the cause of time flying by.



Levi didn’t have a ton of development milestones this month, but he had a few. Lance and I both noticed he can now grab his paci and stick it in his mouth. Which is awesome for when he wakes up in the middle of the night lol! The middle of the night wake ups are getting few and far between, but I know that will only last until the next bout of teething comes around. Levi actually slept 12 whole hours 2 nights in a row when Emily was visiting the weekend after Labor Day. Since then Levi’s been doing amazing at sleeping. I hope I’m not jinxing myself though. I’ve also noticed Levi is reaching out for his bottle more, and he’s almost at the point of feeding himself. He’s doing so well!



Fall has just begun and we’ve been doing so much. It’s nice to be able to get out and do things with Levi before the cold and snow start. Emily came to visit the weekend after Labor Day. It was an amazing trip. Levi loves his Aunt Em. It was the first time Emily met Levi, but she’s glad she came when she did because he is starting to get a personality, and he’s not sleeping all the time like when he was little. I agree. I’m glad she came now because they played and Emily got to hold him a lot. It’s hard to be able to do anything with a baby who is just born or only a few months old because they are sleeping all of the time. Emily’s last day here we had the whole day together since I dropped Levi off at daycare. We went to LP and spent the day there. We met up with our mom for a few hours, shopped, had lunch and then met up with a friend for dinner. I can’t wait til the next time I see her. I told Emily Levi’s going to be walking and talking the next time she sees him.

The weekend after my sister came, Levi and I went to Festival of the Colors event. It was so much fun. I put Levi in the stroller without his car seat and he sat straight up, held onto the tray, and just smiled and looked around the whole time. There was awesome craft vendors there. I got a little wooden mountain decoration that says “Adventure Awaits” for Levi’s room. There were inflatables, pumpkin painting, a clown comedy skit, cupcake contest, band, food trucks and more. This will become an annual event for us to go to.

Lance, Levi and I headed to Adirondack Harvest Festival. I’ve been wanting to go to this event for a while now. There was a farmers market, pony rides, wagon rides, demonstrations, talks, kids games, food trucks, maple cremees, bands and more. We had fun, and it was such a nice day (80 degrees). Lance and I ordered a couple wood fired pizzas that were really good. We all took a wagon ride around the festival. Levi did really well on it!

We went camping Labor Day weekend with Lances family. Levi got to meet his Great Aunt and Uncle. It was a really special trip because we got to see family we don’t normally see often plus my parents came and spent the day with all of us.

Levi and I went with Lance to do the 9/11 Remembrance 5K Run/Walk. I’ve never gone to this event before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. While we were walking Lance told me other fire departments were taking part in it which he was happy to see. Levi slept through pretty much the whole walk until we got to the section in the woods. The stroller had to go over some rocks and roots, so it got pretty bumpy. At the end there was a nice lunch, and Lance entered the raffle. We ended up winning a gift certificate to a local store, a water bottle and a couple of pictures.

My Favorite Photos of Levi’s Eighth Month


















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