Two Month Update

20190327_123851.jpgAround the second month Lance and I slowly started getting the hang of things with Levi. He was sleeping really good (we always needed to wake him up for feedings), breast feeding was going well, we had some visitors stop by, and I finally felt like I could do some things for myself.

At the beginning of March Lance and I decided it was time to start putting Levi in his crib during naps. I wanted to try and transition him before I went back to work. I had heard and read that going from the rock and play (which he was currently in) to their crib was almost impossible. The first couple of days went really well, but by the third or fourth day he was pretty fussy. It got to the point where we needed to stop putting him in the crib for a day and then we would try again the next day. We lifted his mattress on one side by putting a small blanket underneath, and we rolled up a muslin swaddle and shaped it in an upside down U to place under his crib sheet.  I was hoping to try and create a rock and play setting in the crib, and it worked! After a while we eventually took the blanket and swaddle out, and now Levi only sleeps in his crib.


Lance and I had daycare all set up going into maternity leave. We filled out the paperwork, visited the daycare and felt really good about where Levi would be spending the day. Daycare was only a 5 minute drive from my work. However about a week before Levi was supposed to start the daycare provider called and told us she was closing down due to some recent events. It was a pretty stressful couple of days for Lance and me, but we finally found someone to watch Levi which we were so happy about. Daycare is extremely limited in the area and there are waitlists at every place.

We had Levi’s 2 month check up on March 27th and he weighed 9 lbs 15 oz and was 21.5 inches long. He gained over 2 lbs since his 1 month check up. I couldn’t believe it! I was a little worried because he started getting reflux, but apparently that didn’t prevent him from losing weight. Levi also had to get his vaccine shots. I was so nervous (I hate needles), so Lance held him while he was getting his shots  because I couldn’t look.  Levi did great! He only cried for literally 2 minutes if that.  I’m so glad they are over with (for now)!

Looking through his pictures from his 1 month to his 2 month photos blows me away! I cannot believe how much he has grown. Time flew by so quickly. I thought maternity leave would last forever –  I had never taken more than a week off of work before, and now I had 9 weeks off. I loved every minute of being with Levi.

The nursery and master bedroom were being worked on. Im not great at making decisions but everything was looking great with the exception of the nursery paint color. It was a grey paint but had a slight purple undertone. The nursery is small but gets a lot of light since it has a south facing window. We changed the nursery color to Collingwood by Benjamin Moore, and we love it!

Levi’s hair become the topic of every picture. People couldn’t believe how much he had of it and the style – his signature spikey do! Lance and I tried everything to get it to go down (it wouldn’t), and when it did (just after his bath until it dried) it didn’t look like him anyway. I just love his hair!

Favorite Photos of Levi From his Second Month:























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