Levi’s Birth Story

The weekend started out exactly as every other weekend had, with me cooking. I had just started preparing for baby LeClair’s arrival, which was 5 weeks away. I was 35 weeks pregnant and was prepping freezer meals for Lance and me knowing when the baby came we would love having these meals ready. That weekend I also began washing some of the baby clothes we had received from our baby shower 2 weeks prior. Cooking and laundry are pretty typical for me on the weekends. The only thing that was a little off for me was on Friday morning I woke up with bad back pain. I went into work but left at 10:30am that morning because I couldn’t stand to sit in my chair any longer the pain was so bad. During my pregnancy I did have some back pain but nothing like this. I chalked it up to I shouldn’t have carried the heavy grocery bags up the stairs the night before, but now thinking back I could have been experiencing back labor. I headed home from work early on Friday and rested the entire day.

On Saturday I woke up feeling much better.  I was able to do some things around the house – cooked, cleaned, and called my parents to catch up. It was a normal day for me with no pain or signs of labor. I thought everything was back to normal until Sunday came around.

I would have never guessed baby LeClair would be born that Sunday. The day started out like every other day. I got around to finally washing a load of clothes for the baby, and I finished a few freezer meals which I was getting a good stock on so I was happy about that.  Later that night I was getting dinner ready (we had pasta), and Lance was upstairs working on the nursery. Lance had called down to me to come upstairs and take a look at what he had done. I remember calling up to him saying I would in a minute, and then just laying down on the couch because again I had really bad back pain. I had yelled up to Lance about my pain while I was on the couch. Lance had come down stairs and he’s like “Do you think you’re in labor?” And I had laughed and said “No”. The pain subsided and we both finished making dinner and sat down to eat. Lance got up to clear his plate and clean up, and when I had stood up I felt a gush of fluid come out of me soaking my pants. I said “Lance” and he turned around to face me and I said “I think my water broke.” I ran into the bathroom and both of us were like “What do we do?” Lol We were trying to re-call all the information our doctor and the baby class gave us in those first few minutes this was happening. I called the after hours number at my doctors office and they were going to have the mid wife on-call call me back.  Meanwhile Lance had called his mom to tell her what had happened, and then he started packing a bag for me and the baby.  We had absolutely nothing done. The hospital bags weren’t packed,  the nursery wasn’t set up, and the car seat wasn’t installed. Only 1 load of clean newborn clothes were washed. As I’m in the bathroom I was searching Pinterest as to what I need to pack for the baby and me for the hospital while telling this to Lance. We were both laughing because I think we were both just completely in shock.  Was this really happening? Everyone always says your first baby comes late, never did I think I would have our baby 5 weeks early. The mid-wife called me back, and I explained to her that I thought my water broke, I was 35 weeks pregnant, and at my last ultrasound the baby was breech.  She said to come into the hospital so they could check to see if my water broke but to take our time.

Lance got everything packed, I got changed, and we headed up to the hospital an hour away. In the car ride to the hospital Lance and I both thought maybe my water hadn’t broke, but deep down inside I knew it had. I knew we were going to have our baby.  We arrived at the hospital around 8pm that night. We got checked in and the nurse tested to see if my water broke and confirmed it had. Then the mid-wife explained to me that baby LeClair was still breech, and I was already 2-3 centimeters dilated. What?!?! They kept asking if I could feel my contractions which I couldn’t. I felt no pain at all. Usually they said they don’t like doing c-sections until at least 6 hours after someone has eaten, and Lance and I had just eaten dinner a few hours before.  Since I was breech and already dilated they were going to do the c-section that night instead of waiting until the next morning.

Ashley Hospital

I remember I wasn’t nervous at all, but I kept shaking. They said it was because of my hormones. The mid wife informed me the procedure wouldn’t be done for a little while because they were going to call the anesthesiologist, pediatrician, and the other doctors which would take about 45 minutes for everyone to get to the hospital and get ready. This gave Lance and me some time to contact both our families and our boss’s.

The next thing I knew the anesthesiologist was introducing himself to me explaining the spinal tap. We headed into the operating room, and Lance got to come in after they did my spinal tap.

Out of my whole surgery, the spinal tab hurt the most. I remember squeezing the nurse’s arms (since they didn’t let Lance come in yet) because it was painful, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. The numbness worked immediately, and I laid down on the table while the doctors worked on getting everything ready and the sheet hung up. Lance got to come into the room then.

During my pregnancy at one of my ultrasound appointments I found out baby LeClair was breech. I didn’t know then I would definitely need a c-section, but there was a pretty good chance. If baby LeClair was still breech at my next doctors appointment, which I never made it to since my water broke, I had to make the choice of either setting up an appointment at the hospital to have a doctor physically try and push baby LeClair into the right position or to set a date for a c-section. I always knew my choice would be to schedule a c-section. It never got to that point, but I wanted to share that I knew the c-section may be an option. It wasn’t sprung on me the night I had baby LeClair.

During my pregnancy people told me about their c-section stories. They had their arms pinned down on the table or they felt a lot of pressure and had painful gas pains when they were recovering. For me I had a great experience. My arms were not pinned down to the table, I felt no pain, no pressure and recovered really well. I did have a slight nauseous feeling during the procedure from the medications, but other than that everything went great.  Our son, Levi Andrew LeClair, was born at 11:11pm on Sunday, January 27, 2019. The pediatrician told me if he was in good shape we could do skin to skin but if there was something wrong they would look at him first. When they pulled him out the doctors told Lance he could look over the curtain and tell me if it was a boy or girl. Lance said “It’s a boy!!” That was one of my favorite parts of the night. When the doctors pulled Levi out I remember one of them saying “OMG look at that hair and those sideburns!” Haha. He has a head full of dark hair. Then, I heard his little cries, and they put him right on me for skin to skin contact.




I was so incredibly happy in that moment. To have Lance with me and announce the gender of our baby. To have him there holding my hand and whispering to me that I was doing a great job. To have our son healthy and for the skin on skin contact. It was the best feeling in the world. I was overcome with so many emotions that I was just trying to take it all in. I remember looking over at our son, seeing his tiny body and that head full of dark hair. I was so in love with him already!


Crib Sign

Levi Andrew
Born on January 27, 2019 at 11:11 p.m.

Weight: 5  lbs 15 oz
Height: 18 3/4 inches



The rest of the time the doctors worked on stitching me back up. It was very interesting because they told Lance and me that I only had one fallopian tube and one ovary. I’m missing both on the same side. I’m also missing a kidney (which I knew) on the same side. I couldn’t believe it! They told me that you obviously can still get pregnant, but it seemed to me that it was probably harder to, however Lance and I got pregnant very quickly. It was a lot to process, and I’m still amazed to this day the information I found out. I’m thankful everyday for being able to get pregnant and to have Levi in our lives.

Levi and Lance

Ashley with Levi

Levi and Ashley

Ashley with Levi 1

First Family Photo

Levi going home



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