Our Wedding Reception: Part 2

Today I wanted to share Part 2 of our wedding reception which includes our first dance, amazing boat tour experience, and the unbelievable reception menu and decor. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.  At the end of our cocktail reception Lance and I decided we would have our first dance. We had asked the guitarist and violinist to play Greatest Love Story by LANCO for us. Since we didn’t have a traditional wedding Lance and I opted not to have a father/daughter and mother/son dance. Nor did we have a dance floor for dancing since there was a very small group of us. We wanted to focus the evening on celebrating our marriage by eating delicious food, drinking cocktails, and enjoying each others company.

First Dance 2

Violinst and guitarist

First Dance


Lance and I decided early on in our wedding planning we wanted the Lake Placid Lodge to take our guests and us out on their pontoon boat for an hour to enjoy a tour on Lake Placid Lake. Even people like me being from Lake Placid, I’ve only been on Lake Placid Lake once or twice, so it was a special experience for everyone. Our tour guide, CJ, the CEO of the Lake Placid Lodge, was an amazing tour guide. We learned about Kate Smith, saw Whiteface Mountain, and looked at beautiful camps along the water. I didn’t think of this until it happened, but it was really nice to have some time in-between the cocktail hour and dinner, so everyone could become hungry again and enjoy dinner. The boat ride was one of the highlights of the evening, as people said it was a nice touch to have. With only 15 guests at our reception it was great we could offer this unique experience to them!

*Pictures below are only of Lance and me since we got to go out on the lake 15 minutes early to have a photoshoot with our photographer.

boat tour2


boat tour3


I feel like our wedding was unlike any wedding that I’ve been to (so far). I’ve never experienced having Birds of Prey at a reception or taking a private boat tour at any other wedding. It’s these experiences that really made our day so memorable and special. Guests didn’t get the typical dancing and party-like feel at our wedding, but for our families this was a better option for us and it really worked out for everyone.  I’m always looking for ways to have unique experiences, and it’s really in the details that happens.

Throughout the day everyone kept coming up to me asking if I had seen the reception room, and when I replied “not yet” they were like wait til you see how breath taking it looks. Once we arrived back to shore from our boat tour, we headed up to dinner. Honestly, when I walked in to our reception space, I didn’t know which view was better- the view of the lake and mountains or of our reception room! Good thing we had views of both at the same time 😉  The room was filled with greenery and glass containers with tea lights that hung off a canoe that was hanging from the ceiling. The table was set as a long rectangle so everyone could enjoy sitting together. My sister, Emily, designed the menu cards, and Price Chopper florist decorated the most beautiful runner of greens and flowers running down our table. The setting was intimate and personal with lots of  candles spread throughout the room. It was better than I ever could have imagined!


Reception Room


Reception Room 1

Everyone loved the dinner menu which was a salad with our local Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar from our Saratoga Olive Oil store in Lake Placid. If you’re ever in Burlington, VT, Lake Placid, NY or Saratoga Springs, NY stop at the Olive Oil Store to sample and buy their olive oils and balsamic vinegars! SO good!! We had the white peach balsamic for our salad. Very light and summer-y! Dinner was braised beef short ribs (which have become mine and Lance’s birthday dinner requests to make for each other we love it so much lol), crab cakes, mashed potatoes and veggies. Our wedding cake was a naked lemon cake with lemon curd.

Menu Cards




wedding cake

Cutting Wedding Cake

Afterwards we enjoyed some time outside on the stone porch by the fire making s’mores. Even though it was August, we did have our double sided fire place going.  It made it that much more cozy and intimate! Although we only had 15 guests at our wedding, the details that go into planning a wedding are all the same. It’s funny how it takes about a year to plan, and the night goes by so quickly. I kept telling Lance through the whole night that I didn’t want it to end. Hands down the best day of my entire life so far, and one I still think about often.


Photos by: Bird On A Wire Photography (Except Food and Cake Cutting Photo)

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