Our Wedding Reception: Part 1

Our wedding reception was a little unique which involved a boat tour and birds of prey…yes, I’m serious! Just keep reading. lol After our ceremony, champagne was passed, then our photographer, Jessica, took family photos.

family photo
My side of the family including my parents, twin sister, older sister, brother in law, and nephew.
me, chira, em
My sisters Emily (Left) and Chira (Right)
me and lances family
Lances side of the family including his parents and twin brother.
lance and parents1
Lance and his parents

After family photos Lance and I went with Jessica around the property to get some photos on our own. Everyone else stayed and enjoyed cocktail hour, and I didn’t even realize (since we were off getting photos taken) that Mark Manske of Adirondack Raptors was at the Lake Placid Lodge. Mark was already at the lodge entertaining guests earlier that day, and he decided to come out and show our guests his owls. I know this wouldn’t be for everyone, but I thought along with our guests, it was a really neat experience. His owls are beautiful!



Below are photos Jessica took of Lance and me around the property during cocktail hour. Although I was hoping to get photos on the Adirondack Loj road (one of the best spots in town for mountain views), I decided against going there. I wanted to stay close by (the Adirondack Loj road is on the other side of town) and there are mountain views right at the Lake Placid Lodge. Below are some of my favorite photos from our wedding day.

lance and me kiss rock wall



lance and me rock wall

lance me kiss rock wall

lance and me near water

close up1

lance and me up close

lance and me boathouse1


lance and me near water1

lance and me boathouse

me and lance near water







Lance and I made it to the end of our cocktail hour to enjoy with everyone. It was nice being able to talk to each individual guest that came since it was only our family and a few close friends. Stay tuned for Our Wedding Reception: Part 2 for our first dance, boat tour, and pictures of our reception space.

Photos by: Bird On A Wire Photography


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