What I’m Looking Forward To In May

I’m so excited for everything I have coming up this month! There’s a lot of local events like a flower arrangement workshop, restaurant week and a book recommendation gathering I’m attending. It feels good to get out of the house an enjoy some fresh air, friends and local food!

Bouquets of flowers from Little Farmhouse Flowers
Image via Pure Placid Facebook Page


A local business, Pure Placid, is hosting a flower arrangement workshop with Little Farmhouse Flowers for their Wellness Wednesday series. I’m SO excited for this event! If you saw my 10 Ways To Refresh This Spring blog post last week, one tip I included is buying a fresh bouquet of flowers. The past few years I’ve seen so many flower farms lately especially vendors at my local farmer’s market. I’m really looking forward to attending this local workshop and putting what I’ve learned to use, not only this summer but for all seasons and occasions (and maybe for my upcoming wedding!) 😉

Event details:

Logo image via eatadk.com


Anyone who knows me knows I’m a food lover, but when I go out to eat I tend to be a creature of habit and only go to my favorite couple of restaurants. However, I do take advantage when Eat ADK Restaurant Week comes around (which is May 3-10, 2018 this year) to explore restaurants I haven’t been to before. I love looking on the Eat ADK website to browse all of the participating restaurant’s menu and then somehow I manage to narrow it down to a couple of choices. I’ve attended the past 2 years, the first year I went to Generations Tap and Grill and the second year The Interlaken Inn. Both restaurants were excellent! This year I’ll be going to Taste Bistro with Lance and some friends. I highly recommend this event to everyone! Participating restaurants offer a $15, $20 or $30 fixed menu and it’s a great way to taste new items local restaurants are showcasing.

Event Details: 

Lake Placid, New York Public Library


As some of you know I started a book club in July 2017. One of my favorite ways to spend my time (when I’m not in the kitchen) is reading. My friend texted me the other week about an event the Lake Placid Public Library is holding. The event is a Book Recommendation Gathering where everyone gives and receives book recommendations from peers in the community who attend. I’m excited for this event not only to get new book suggestions for myself (gotta start that summer reading list!), but also for my book club. I think this is such a great idea!

Event details:

My friends and I at the top of Owls Head Mountain in Keene, New York


My friends and I have plans to hike a lot this year. It’s one of our favorite things to do together. Each year we go a handful of times and enjoy trying new trails out. We always have the best time! A few hikes we’ve done together are Mt. ArabBaxter Mountain and Mt. Jo to name a few. It’s so rewarding to see the breath-taking view after a day’s hike and one of the many reasons I love living in the Adirondacks – all the natural beauty!

Great Hiking Resource:

With all these local events coming up it has me so excited for what’s to come! A few other things I have planned this month is starting my indoor herb garden and enjoying a BBQ Memorial Weekend. 

What are everyone’s plans this month? I would love to hear! 


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