Chartreuse Jacket

When I start reaching for this jacket, I know Spring is around the corner. I drift from my winter neutrals and begin to gravitate towards some colorful pieces in my wardrobe. This chartreuse jacket is one of my favorites. It's a color you don't see too often, and I like how it really sets it apart from the other jackets I own. The chartreuse color really makes a statement - it's eye catching plus brings a fresh look to a new season.


How To Start A Book Club

I'm excited for today’s post because it’s about something that I absolutely love – Book Club! Starting a book club was something that I thought about doing for a while. It’s no secret that I love to read, and my friends read similar books. We always talk about a really good book we are reading, or we borrow each other’s books for our next read. Last summer I finally decided to start a book club, and now I wish I would have started one a lot sooner. I look forward to it every single month. It’s a great way to make sure we all get together to catch up, plus there’s always so much good food and wine! I wanted to share with you how I started my book club, and I’ve included some tips if you are looking to create your own!