Our Engagement Story

Lance’s and my wedding is less than 5 months away, and I thought it would be fun to share with you guys all of the planning we’ve been doing to get ready for our big day! I’m going to create a wedding planning series on the blog and post 1 or 2 times a month of all the progress we’ve been making so far. To start this series, I wanted to share our engagement story. That’s where this whole thing started out anyways! I’m so excited to tell you because it really was such a perfect moment.

Lance and I in Martha's Vineyard

Lance and I had been dating for about 6 or 7 months when we started talking about taking a trip together. We decided it would be fun to go to Cape Cod since neither one of us had been there, and we really wanted to take a beach vacation. We started planning in January/February 2017, and we went on vacation the first week of September 2017. It’s funny we started planning so early, but we were just so excited to get away and go on our first vacation together! You can read all about our Cape Cod Travel Guide here and here.

When we were planning our trip the one thing we knew we wanted to do was visit Martha’s Vineyard. We wanted to spend the day there walking around, sightseeing, and eating a lobster bake on the beach during sunset. The day we went Lance and I got up early to take a ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard from where we were staying in Falmouth. The ferry docked at Oaks Bluff, so we started our day from there. Lance and I explored all of the different towns in Martha’s Vineyard including Oaks Bluff, Vineyard Haven, Edgartown, West Tisbury, and Aquinnah. The day was filled with shopping, sightseeing (including seeing the gingerbread houses), eating at the famous Back Door Donuts Bakery, drinking Bloody Mary’s and having lunch at Seafood Shantys.


Our Engagement Story
View off Seafood Shanty’s Deck at Lunch

It was getting to be mid-afternoon, so Lance and I decided to head to Aquinnah, which is on the other side of Martha’s Vineyard. We had read about the Aquinnah Cliffs, and were really excited because we knew it would be the highlight of our Martha’s Vineyard trip. Earlier in the day we called to order a lobster bake to pick up before heading out to Aquinnah. We thought we would sit on the beach to have dinner while watching the sunset. It sounded like a perfect end to a really great day! However, we were taking public transportation out to Aquinnah since we didn’t take our car to Martha’s Vineyard. Aquinnah is at the other end of island and the shuttle had a handful of stops along the way. Lance and I ended up canceling our Lobster bake because we figured out we wouldn’t have enough time to spend in Aquinnah with how the off season shuttle schedule ran. Plus we needed to head back to catch the last ferry back to Falmouth.

Walkway to Aquinnah Light House
Walkway to the Lighthouse

When we got to Aquinnah there was a path to a lighthouse which we walked along to get to. Once we got to the lighthouse, Lance and I saw the most breath taking view of Aquinnah Cliffs. The cliffs, made of clay, turn shades of red and orange throughout the day. The cliffs are one of the most picturesque places on the island, and it was definitely worth the hour travel to get there to see it. Lance and I hurried down to the beach to see the cliffs up close and take some pictures. When we got down there, I was busy taking pictures, and when I turned around Lance was down on one knee asking me to marry him. This moment was so special and one I’ll never forget!! For Lance to ask at the perfect moment, was more than I could ever ask for! We walked along the beach and then had to head back on the shuttle to catch our ferry. When we got back to Falmouth, we ate dinner at Osteria La Civetta, and ordered wine and the best Italian we’ve ever had. Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod will always be such a memorable place for the both of us!

View of Aquinnah Cliffs
View of Aquinnah Cliffs – Breathtaking!

Lance and I at Aquinnah Cliffs in Martha's Vineyard

Our Engagement Story

Stay tuned for our wedding planning updates! I’m excited to share with you guys my wedding dress shopping experience, where Lance and I are getting married and having the reception, and all of the details of our wedding. This will also help me stay organized since we are getting close to our big day! August can’t come soon enough!


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