Peacoat Outfit


Peacoat Outfit

Peacoat Outfit

Peacoat Outfit

Peacoat Outfit

Peacoat (Similar) l Sweater (Similar) l Jeans l Purse l Scarf (old) l Boots (Similar) l Sunglasses

This winter has been unbearably cold, and I’ve been wearing my Marmot coat non-stop. It’s become habit to put it on every morning and go. When we finally get temps near 40 degrees (winter heat wave!) I tend to go for something a little different besides a down jacket. I never know what the weather conditions will be like from a day to day basis living in Northern New York, so having a variety of jackets is my best bet no matter what the temperature or weather may be. My winter coats consist of 2 kinds, down jackets and peacoats. I have a few peatcoats in my coat collection, and I know it’s a style I will always wear. Peacoats are effortlessly stylish as they instantly put together any look.  I love the herringbone style on this jacket as it’s different from any peacoat I’ve seen. My favorite way to wear a peacoat is with cozy knits and chunky scarves.  I’m really hoping the weather warms up a little in the next few weeks, so my peacoats can be more on rotation into Spring. Fingers crossed!


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