Cooking Class at Carriage House Cooking School

I’ve been wanting to take a cooking class, so I began searching online for cooking classes held in the Northern Adirondacks. I came across Carriage House Cooking School which is located at Hallock Hill Farm in Peru, New York. I eagerly browsed their website and noticed they offer a variety of classes from Simple Everday Bread (their most popular class), Artisan Pasta, How To Build A Cheese Platter, Simple & Healthy Weeknight Meals and much more. After contemplating between the classes (I was having a hard time choosing because honestly I wanted to take them all) I decided on Game Day Apetizers. I chose this class not only for the fact the Super Bowl is coming up, but simply because I just wanted to learn how to make a few dishes for entertaining.

Carriage House Cooking School focuses on providing intimate cooking classes for home cooks and people passionate about cooking. Their class options include hands on, demonstration, dinner classes, personal instruction and they also hold small private events. When choosing which class I wanted to take, I leaned more towards the hands on experience as I knew I would learn better that way.

When I arrived at Carriage House Cooking School I met Curtiss Hemm, chef and owner. It was great meeting Curtiss as his knowledge for cooking is so inspiring. For our menu, Curtiss put together an assortment of awesome appetizers for us to make including Chicken Enchiladas, Parmesan Scallion Chicken Wings, Ham Cheddar and Parsley Puffs, Roman Style Olives and Lamb Kefta with Nan and Greens.

My afternoon was spent learning different cooking techniques, the trick to baking crispy wings, what a pate a choux dough is and tasting lamb for the first time. The highlight was then sitting down to our homemade dishes and simply savoring all of the depths of flavor and fresh ingredients each dish had to offer while overlooking the stunning view of the High Peak Mountains. If you are interested in taking a cooking class or planning a small private event all information can be found on the Carriage House Cooking School website here,

Roman Style Olives

Roman Style Olives

Parmesan Scallion Chicken Wings

Scallion and Parmesan Wings

Ham, Cheddar, and Parsley Puffs

Lamb Kefta

Chicken Enchiladas

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