Valentine’s Day Inspired Sweaters

1. Tiered Sleeved Cardigan 2. Blouson Sleeve Sweater  3. Power Cable Sweater 4. V-Neck High/Low Sweater (similar) 5. Diamond Stitch Turtleneck Sweater 6. Ruffle Cuff Sweater

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would share a little inspiration for Valentine’s Day since it’s less than a month away. I love February because of this holiday and it’s also my birthday month, so there’s always a lot going on with us this time of year. February is still really cold in Northern NY so having cute, cozy sweaters in my wardrobe is a must to get me through these winter months. My go-to during the winter are sweaters for casual days or nights when I’m getting dressed up. The ruffles, blouson sleeve, diamond stitch and extra-chunky cable add really cute details. It’s fun having an outfit to look forward to wearing when celebrating a holiday!

Do you dress up and go out or stay casual and make dinner at home for Valentine’s Day? This will be Lance’s and my 2nd Valentine’s Day together. Last year we decided to stay in and make shrimp scampi. It turned out really good!

Have a great weekend!

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