My 3 Must Have Winter Skin Care Products

My 3 Must Have Winter Skin Care Products

Over the last few years I’ve been really trying to take care of my skin.  Its becoming more important to me choosing which type of skin care products I use. This wasn’t always the case. During the winter a few years ago, my skin became very dry and dis-colored, almost like a reddish color in spots on my face. I remember one day asking someone about my face, and she said “It’s the same color as your shirt!” (I was wearing a maroon colored shirt that day.) I had absolutely no idea why my face was getting that way. I only had a basic skin care routine using the same basic cleanser morning and night. Since that experience I have changed my skincare routine. I’ve learned our skin is our largest organ and that a lot of products have harmful chemicals in them.

I really had no idea where to start, except that I was introduced to Beauty Counter. Beauty Counter is a company that creates safe skin care and cosmetic products. I decided to give the products a try, and they really helped my skin. I’ve used many of their products including the Cleansing Balm, Nourishing Cream Cleanser, Face Oil, Nourishing Eye Cream and some make up products. Although I love them all, the Nourishing Eye Cream is the product I can’t live without in the winter. Before I began using the eye cream, I noticed my under eye area would get extremely dry in the winter.  I was using those make up remover cleansing wipes on my face, specifically on and around my eyes to get all the make up off. The wipes were really drying. I don’t use the wipes anymore, but since I’ve started using the Beauty Counter Nourishing Eye Cream it has helped soothe the irritation I was having under my eyes. This product is rich in aloe and organic coconut oil and is fragrant free. I use the eye cream daily in the morning after I wash my face.

My 3 Must Have Winter Skin Care Products

Another product I started using a few years ago that is essential in my winter skin care routine is the Aveda All-Sensitive Moisturizer. This product hydrates and conditions sensitive skin. Honestly, I didn’t want to use a moisturizer at first. I was nervous of breaking out because lotions in the past have done that to my skin. I’ve found this isn’t the case with this product. It’s doesn’t feel oily, it’s fragrance free and it’s very light. I use this product during my night time daily routine.

My 3 Must Have Winter Skin Care Products

The last product that has been saving me lately during the extremely cold weather we’ve been having is The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ. My sister, Emily, got this for me last year. It’s the brown sugar kind which I love! Every morning I massage onto my lips in a circular motion to get rid of dry and flaky skin. It leaves my lips feeling really soft. This product is a lifesaver during the winter.

My 3 Must Have Winter Skin Care Products

I would love to hear what your winter go-to products are in the comments below!


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