2017 – My Year of Change

Reflecting back on 2017 I can certainly say it has been a year of change. During this year I learned a lot about myself, my life and where I want to be. There were many moments of realization and because of these moments I made some major decisions that completely changed my life.

2017 Year of Change

The year began with my biggest change and that was leaving what I was so passionate about; my career. I planned events for almost 8 years, and there was nothing else I thought I wanted to do. Although I loved every minute of it, I came to realize I needed a balance in my life both professionally and personally. Deciding on a different path was the hardest decision I’ve made and one I didn’t take lightly. Although I didn’t feel this then, I now feel confident and more focused on other areas in my life.

I moved to Keene Valley this past March, which at first I didn’t think would be a big change but surprisingly it was. I noticed life is simpler and easy going here. Lance and I live on a private road surrounded by woods, about a mile from the local farmer’s market. On my summer evening walks to the local trail, I stop to pet the horses at the horse farm on our street.  I began to appreciate this way of living and came to enjoy it. Now it’s a lifestyle I wouldn’t trade.

What I loved most about 2017 was getting engaged to Lance. To be honest just when I was giving up all hope on finding someone, Lance came into my life and it’s been amazing ever since. Getting engaged was the topping to one of the best years I’ve had. Next year we will be celebrating a huge milestone with our wedding. This whole experience has been my favorite type of change yet.

I’m really content with myself, my life and where I want to be. Something that I haven’t felt in a very long time. This year was full of hard decisions, but they led me to exactly where I want to be. I’m glad I took a step back, thought long and hard and made changes to have everything I wanted; a life enjoying.

2017 was a great year, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

2018 Resolutions

  • Continue to follow a simpler lifestyle
  • Stay present and learn to enjoy today
  • Drink more water
  • Travel to one new destination (near or far)
  • Have more me time
  • Finish the upstairs of our house (currently only framed & spray foamed)
  • Have date night at least twice a month
  • Learn a new hobby – thinking of macrame
  • Work out 5 days a week for 30 minutes
  • Read 12 new books

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