My First Christmas Tablescape

My mom and sisters have an eye for decorating. For me, it doesn’t come naturally. I second guess myself a lot, and when I do see something I like I’m not sure where to put it in my home. Decorating a room in my house or even the dining room table for a holiday dinner is a challenge for me. It usually consists of me calling my mom a bunch of times to get her opinion. Although there was a lot of Pinterest browsing and consulting with Lance and my mom, I love how my first Christmas tablescape turned out! 

Last Christmas Lance and I invited his parents over for Christmas Eve dinner. We cooked the traditional ham dinner. I wasn’t even concerned about how the table looked because I was more nervous about cooking. I had never even cooked a holiday meal before. Thankfully everything came out really good! Although the meal was good, the tablescape wasn’t as it just consisted of plates, silverware and paper napkins.

This year I really wanted to get some nice Christmas decor since I don’t have much. The first thing on my list was cloth napkins! I love the buffalo check pattern on these napkins. It works perfectly with the tablescape decor, and it’s a pattern I will use year round.  I’ve learned that details make all the difference, so I tied twine around the napkin and added a cinnamon stick and cranberry stem for some color.

In my opinion the best part of the table is the brass candle stick holders. I LOVE them! They’re actually Lance’s mom’s candle stick holders, and she let us borrow them for our table. I bought a bunch of greens from the local florist to put in a vase for the centerpiece and added some cranberry stems to give it some color. The greens are balsam, pine and cedar. I love mixing greens to show the various textures and different shades of green. The ribbon and pine cones are also from the local florist. The plaid ribbon brings out the cranberry stems in the vase, and I thought the pattern went well with the buffalo check napkins. The florist had plain pine cones, but I chose the ones with the frosted white tips to add some brightness to my table.

Next year I would really like to add a few more pieces to my tablescape. I’ve been really into wooden chargers and placing the chargers under the dinner plates and adding a table runner I think would give it a more complete look. I thought this was a good start for my first Christmas tablescape, and I’m excited to see how my table looks next year adding a few additional pieces.

This year Lance and I hosted Christmas Eve brunch for his parents and brother. Even though brunch is less formal than dinner, I still wanted my tablescape to stand out. I hope this tablescape creates inspiration for your next holiday get together!

Cloth Napkins:Etsy
Pinecones:Designs by Tracey
Ribbon:Designs by Tracey
Cranberry Stems:Designs by Tracey
Greens:East Branch Organics
Brass Candle Stick Holders:The American Museum Brass Collection by Baldwin (similar)


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